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Who We Are

“Rubicon SFX is not just an option; it’s the only choice for those who demand nothing but the best”

As SFX vendors, we are the artists who create and design special effects that enhance the visual and audio experience in movies, television shows, and live performances. Our work involves creating realistic explosions, stunts, smoke effects, fire effects, prosthetic makeup applications, and sound effects using a variety of materials such as pyrotechnics, makeup products, animatronics devices for robotic movements. We bring to life the creative visions of producers and directors by carefully crafting unique sound and visuals that tell stories in a way that immerses audiences into different worlds


Main Attractions

Special Effects For Different Types of Events

Special Effects For Corporate Event
Special Effects For wedding
Special Effects For Bride & Groom Entry
Special Effects For Varmala
Special Effects For Birthday Party
Special Effects For Live Events
Special Effects For Sports Event
Special Effects For Government Event
Special Effects For Anniversary

Why Us?

As SFX vendors we are constantly exploring new technologies and innovating new techniques in order to stay ahead of the game when it comes to providing cutting-edge effects into modern-day productions while prioritizing safety on set at all times. Our work is designed to inspire awe and captivate audiences while remaining completely unnoticeable behind-the-scenes during production.


What Our Clients Says About Rubicon Sfx

Ayan Ali

I was blown away by the quality of the special effects at my event. Rubicon SFX exceeded my expectations and made my event truly memorable.

capt Amritash Jaiswal

I like the way rubicon sfx team work it is great. And I think when they are in team they can do all inpossible works. So my blessing is with both of you. Keep rock thank you

Jovita Jadhav

The team at Rubicon SFX is top-notch. They were responsive, professional, and truly went above and beyond to make sure that my event was a success."

Komal Shivhare

The team at Rubicon SFX demonstrated exceptional responsiveness, professionalism, and went the extra mile to ensure the resounding success of my wedding event.

Mehul Sahani

my event achieved unprecedented heights, captivating and delighting all attendees

Pranav Singh

all works done on time. Rubicon sfx team is very cooperative and sweet.

Prasoon Sapra

They were extremely responsive and exceeded my expectations.THANKS YASH JI &HARSH JI KEEP IT UP.

Rajni Rai

Thanks rubicon sfx team for doing all the things on time. My whole family is very happy

Tia Jaiswal

Their dedication and attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations, leaving no room for doubt that they are true experts in their field.

Venkatesh Gupta

Thanks mr.harsh & yash for giving very new & unique idea for my wedding entry. you made my day memorable. Thany you so much

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    Akansha Gupta

    Event Operation Head

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    Production Head

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