Who We Are

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As SFX vendors, we are the artists who create and design special effects that enhance the visual and audio experience in movies, television shows, and live performances. Our work involves creating realistic explosions, stunts, smoke effects, fire effects, prosthetic makeup applications, and sound effects using a variety of materials such as pyrotechnics, makeup products, animatronics devices for robotic movements. We bring to life the creative visions of producers and directors by carefully crafting unique sound and visuals that tell stories in a way that immerses audiences into different worlds

Why Us?

As SFX vendors we are constantly exploring new technologies and innovating new techniques in order to stay ahead of the game when it comes to providing cutting-edge effects into modern-day productions while prioritizing safety on set at all times. Our work is designed to inspire awe and captivate audiences while remaining completely unnoticeable behind-the-scenes during production.